Why Per-per-click Advertising?

Immediate Results

Pay Per Click is the fastest way to get results for your online marketing efforts. Unlike in Organic search, your website can appear on the first page of search results in hours and get instant traffic.

Exceptional Reach

Whether you’re looking to increase leads or get customers to call your business, PPC makes it easier for customers to find your business on search results, Google Maps, and Display Network.

Promotional Opportunties

Use ads to highlight your unique selling proposition – whether it’s a limited time offer, a product promotion, or a discount. Pay Per Click ads make it easier to get your message across to your target audience.

Granular Targeting

Customize your ads by audience type, device preference, location targeting, and ad scheduling to reach the right customers at the right time.

Controlled Budget

Pay Per Click offers a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. You can set your budget for the campaign to suit your business goals. With efficient campaign management, you can drive down costs and maximize your ad spend to get the best results.

Conversion Tracking

Google AdWords shows you which ads are driving the best value when it comes to customer activity or conversions – sign ups, purchases, app downloads, or calls direct from your ads. This helps in making informed decisions on ad spend.

Which Businesses Pay-per-click Helps The Most

High Customer Lifetime Value

Businesses like doctors, dentists, auto body shops, subscription or membership-based businesses can generate considerable revenue from a single customer. Such businesses typically have high customer retention or a high rate of repeat business. Companies like that will benefit from pay-per-click the most.

Businesses with High Profit Margins

Lawyers, expensive consumer products, home services and B2B products will benefit by pay-per-click due to the difference in the cost per conversion and very high sale value. For example, a law firm gets a lead at 60 euro but can sell 600 euro worth of legal services to its clients.

Seasonal Promotions

Businesses that are reliant on seasonal promotions can take great advantage of PPC’s capability to generate leads, especially if a relevant event is just around the corner. For example, flower shops, event planning services, etc. should capitalize on seasonal spikes in consumer activity (i.e. Christmas, Mother’s Day, Black Friday) to sell more products and services.

If your company is in any of these business types, then we need to chat. Let’s have a 30-minute discovery call on us!

Pay-per-click is Not for Everyone

Yes, PPC will get you results the fastest. But don’t get this statement deceive you. Many small and medium sizes business spent fortunes doing paid search wrong. As a result they didn’t get sales nor anybody would return their ad spends. So, PPC is not for everyone. However, some of our clients have been able to increase their ROI using Google AdWords. How? Let’s take a look at a case below…

An Example of a Business that PPC Can Help

Meet Francesco, he's an e-commerce store owner. Click arrows to the right to learn more about Francesco's business.


Francesco is running an e-commerce business. It’s an online store selling good for fishing enthusiasts. Francesco keeps an eye on his margins and knows for the most part which online channels drives better sales for him. Over the years he has tried SEO, social media marketing (both paid and organic), some display ads and even video ads on YouTube. He tried AdWords too but realized that it takes too much of his time and is better done by a Google AdWords certified professional he would hire externally.


Francesco’s main goal is to get people to buy his products spending as few money as possible along the way. In other words, he wants to minimize cost per customer acquisition or CPA (cost per acquisition). And Google AdWords is the system that allows Francesco to set these goals as well as closely monitor the progress of the campaign as it happens


Francesco’s customers visit his online store from all over North America because he offers free shipping on all of his merchandise. The customers are predominantly male 35-55 that are either 1) know the fishing supplies brand and are comfortable buying online, 2) don’t have time to visit physical stores and talk to a sales person.


Francesco runs a WooCommerce driven website on WordPress. He has used WordPress for several years now and all his staff is already very comfortable with inventory management inside the tool. Because it’s an e-commerce website, most of Francesco’s landing pages are actual product, where customers can view the product and add it to cart. It is critical that each of those product pages presents clear and complete information for buyers to make a buying decision.


Francesco has a large number of competitors. Some of the spend significant monthly budgets on AdWords. This means that in order to keep the budget lean and positions high, Francesco’s AdWords campaigns will need to ensure a very high AdRank.

06.How we help Francesco

  1. Run a PPC account audit to identify problem areas and low-hanging fruits.
  2. Update the current campaign or setup a new one in Google AdWords.
  3. Proceed with a monthly PPC management to update and monitor the campaign.
  4. Schedule weekly account review calls to make sure we’re on track to Francesco’s target ROI.

Our PPC Management Methodology

The primary goal of a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is to get you leads. The following is the outline of what we do to manage your PPC campaign. It will show you what to expect and what’s required at every stage of the process.


We believe that each business in unique. As a result we take pre-campaign research seriously. These are things we look at during the research phase: keywords and search patterns, your competition and your business.

We conduct keyword research to understand how people search for your particular product / services. Keyword research informs us how to structure your campaign and what keywords to bid on.

We also look at your competitors for keyword ideas, offers, and ads ideas. This allows us to learn more about the offers that might work and wording that gets results. This information helps us build better ads.

Finally we chat with you to gain a deeper understanding of your particular situation (target audience, past experience and goals (business, product, AdWords), etc.). Our goal is to understand why your company / product is better than the competition and what your selling points are.

Define the Audience(s)

At this stage we define your target audience and what their decision making process is. In some cases, where budget permits and campaign goals require it, we create marketing personas to ensure that our campaigns, ad groups, and keywords match user’s search intent.

Marketing persona definition will require your input in explaining more about who you are trying to reach and convert into buyers. We will apply our expertise to build search-focused personas to help us guide a strong PPC campaign.

Develop the Offer(s)

Offers are crucial to your campaign’s success. Offer is what makes your ads stand out. Good offer usually equals good CTR and Conversion rate. Examples of offers include: get a free consultation, get one hour on us, get a free trial, product demos.
We develop the offer samples based on our past experience and present it to you. You might have other ideas as well. We love to get input from clients. Experience shows that together we can create a truly winning set of offers that drive click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rates up.

Define the Campaign Goals

At this point we can set some realistic campaign expectations and KPIs we’ll use to measure campaign performance. We will use these KPIs consistently to report on the progress of your campaign.

We work hard to connect AdWords metrics to your business bottom line. This means that we stay away from large spreadsheets of data and multiple PPC metrics that you don’t really need to know about.

Instead we focus on metrics that actually include your business objectives. For example,

  • CTR: measures how ads perform. Our goal is to increase it to 2.5% and up.
  • Conversion rate: measures how many leads we generated for you over the period. Our goal is to increase this number to 5% and up.
  • Cost per Acquisition: measures how much it costs in AdWords budget to get you a lead. Our goal is to lower this amount. Benchmarks differ by industry and product.
We can always define other KPIs specific to your business and industry.

Develop the Ads

Your ads should be relevant to users’ search terms. They should also stand out from your competition. This is especially true for high-competition niches like “injury lawyers” where cost per click nears 70 euro.

We build 2-3 ads per ad group. This allows us to see which one performs better and adjust over time. Each ad group is a collection of tightly bound keywords and ads. Using multiple ad groups allows us to attain high Quality Scores on our keywords, wich results in higher search position for the same money.

We work hard to ensure your ads stand out. It starts with the offer and ends with multiple ad extensions that make your ad more visible.

Our ad optimization work ensures that we update ads regularly to achieve higher CTR and conversion rate for your campaigns. All add copy gets approved by you before ads go live.

Develop the Landing Pages

Landing page are a critical part of any paid campaign. It is never a good idea to drive your potential customers to a homepage using pay per click campaigns.

We use Unbounce to manage our client’s landing pages. If you prefer, we can build custom pages that you have on your site or pages from other landing page vendors.

Our landing pages follow your brand guidelines and will be in the same domain as your website. This will ensure higher trust from your visitors.

In many cases we will adapt your website copy to suit landing page format and style. Sometimes we will ask you to provide landing page copy based on our direction.

We build landing pages using industry’s best practices and our 10+ years of experience. Our landing pages include all necessary elements to ensure high conversion rate.

Finally, we’re able to track our landing pages using both basic (visitors and conversions from those visits) and more detailed reporting using Google Analytics integration.

We run all landing pages by you before they go live.

Launch the Campaign

Once the campaign is setup we check everything one last time. We keep a close eye on your campaign daily right after the launch. This ensures that the launch was successful, that there are no issues with the ads or landing pages.

Perform Weekly Check Points

Successful AdWords campaigns are those that are managed. We review your campaign daily from the start and then weekly as the campaign starts to generate leads. Keep a close eye on your campaign ensures that every euro you spend drives quality traffic and warm leads to your site.

Deliver Monthly Reports

Reports are monthly milestones to check our performance. Each month we will deliver a summary report (you can request any details, but we believe that simple is better) that covers KPIs we track and shows progress on CTR and Conversion Rates. It also provides insights and recommendations for next month. Recommendations include things like changing the ad copy, updating landing page(s) or running an A/B test with ads or landing pages.

An important part of monthly reports is that we get a chance to have a call with you and learn how your business is doing. Beyond going over the report we want to see if there are any changes that we need to make to the campaign based on your business objectives.

AdWords Management Pricing

How much does pay-per-click cost?

Pay-per-click services have two price components: ad budget and campaign management fees. The price samples below show the management fees only. For example, going to pay 1000 euro (budget) - 30% (management) = 700 euro per month expect to spend for campaign.


Paid one time - 500 Euro

  • Up To 5 Campaigns
  • Up To 50 Ad Groups
  • Up To 200 Keywords
  • Group Ad Text Creation PPC
  • Budget Analysis AdWords
  • Conversion Tracking Code
  • Search Network Geo-Targeting ( Locations )
  • Google Analytics Linking
  • Adwords & Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Negative Keywords Lists
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Mobile Optimized Ad
  • Click To Call
  • Display Network Campaign
  • Custom Daily Reports

Payment Details

By paying you agree to our terms

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